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Fated Death is a turn-based parrying game where you the player are a knight have to reach the end of the map and kill the evil magician that is throwing water balls at you. The game play features a stamina system where for every step that the player takes the player's stamina will deplete. The player can regain his stamina by parrying the water orbs thrown by the enemy to regain their stamina back. If the player's stamina reaches 0 it will then be the enemies turn  to move and push the player back if they collide. Reach the evil magician and touch him with your sword to be the strongest knight in the kingdom!

This game is a product of KDU Sem Jam for May 2019.

Genres given: Combat, Turn-based, Military
Theme: Death, Fighting Fate


Movement : W,A,S,D
Attack : Left Mouse Button
Parry : Right Mouse Button
Parry projectile while try to move forward.
Lose Condition : Getting hit by the enemy behind.
Win Condition : Hit the Wizard King at then end of the path.

Game Made By : 
Ace Kugen Keith:  Programmer
Wong Jia Wei: Programmer
Phang Feng Jinn: Programmer

Software Used to Create the game : Unreal Engine 4

Models Credits to : Dungeon Mason (Modular RPG Heroes Polyart)
Environment Asset Credits : Platfunner (Platformer Starter Pack)


FatedDeath.rar 123 MB

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